Some poor confused (or greedy) Catholic calls him “pope.”

It’s astonishing how he, the Freemasons, and Opus Judea money have actually convinced the world that Catholicism is optional for the position he pretends to hold.

The title of the position he actually holds is “antipope.” We’ve had dozens of them. An antipope is a criminal. Laymen have, in the past, physically removed them from the Vatican and paraded them through the streets of Rome to be pelted with rotten fruit.

But Trad Inc won’t admit his antipapacy, because Trad Inc likes getting paid.

PS: This isn’t the response of a Catholic Bishop, and successor to the apostles. Confusion comes directly from Satan. For those insisting BerGog is pope, there is nothing but confusion emanating from the demon infested heretic.

A true apostolic successor would “resist him to his face.” Of course, a true apostolic successor wouldn’t recognize BerGog as a superior at all. Rather, he would organize a group of men, arm them, and arrest and imprison the heretic, or kill him before he murders more souls.

11 thoughts on “BerGog LoLs Every Time

  1. Hey Michael! I’ve been lurking. Hope you’ve been well.

    “Today’s Semi-Traditionalists, attempting to find historical precedent for their resistance to Francis while nevertheless recognizing him as a true Pope, have exaggerated the fault of St. Peter and also St. Paul’s response. It was simply a matter of improper personal conduct on the part of the first Pope, and this conduct was fraternally corrected by another Apostle. The visible head of the Church sinned in public, and another Catholic publicly rebuked him for it, thus repairing the scandal caused. This episode had nothing whatsoever to do with St. Peter professing heresy or teaching error in his Magisterium, nor with St. Paul refusing submission to the Pope.”

    So, yes, let us resist this usurper “pope” and these ”bishops” indeed!

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    1. I don’t think appointing Sachs is heresy, but rather a matter of improper personal conduct. So, it seems to fit well. But, that’s only true if the man were pope, which he is not.


  2. What happens if Pope Benedict dies before Jorge? Will we be in a state of sede at that point?
    Please post my comment this time. I’m interested in your opinion on this.

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  3. One Tweeter said something to the effect, ‘How can ABp Cordileone be so naïve in 2021?” when the SF prelate insisted that BerGog clarify the confusion of J.Sach’s appointment.
    His virtue signaling can’t be naiveté. ABp CowardlyLion is certainly controlled opposition.
    He just pulled out of the Lourdes Pilgrimage at the last minute as well. He has other marching orders.

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  4. It’s not even that trad inc remains neutral. They promote him and try to browbeat those who refuse to play along with the lie.
    Perhaps it’s simply that they’ve looked at it and want to dismiss what will cause a lot of pain and work. I don’t know but more than that, I truly can’t understand. How can Catholics not see that he is an imposter and marauder, pillaging our poor mother Church?! Does no one care?

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  5. God bless you Michael 🙏. BTW, I’ve got leads on rotted worm filled passion fruit. We sure do miss you Michael, so grateful for your dedication to Truth.

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