Anybody? Bueller?

It sounds a lot like Moazim.

Note: I absolutely do not believe Frankenpope is the AntiChrist. So, I’m not trying to draw that connection.

But what the hell is the lunatic talking about, now?

14 thoughts on “What is “The God of Security?”

  1. This could actually be a good sign because Antipope Bergoglio always accuses devout Catholics of being guilty of what he actually is guilty of and needing what he actually needs.

    If he says we need “security,” it must mean he and his minions are not feeling too secure in their positions right now.


  2. No idea what he means by that but he doesn’t half talk some amount of nonsense, honestly I don’t think even he knows what he means most of the time, and all his talk of moving forward, that’s a laugh, he’s managed to convince people that leading them back to pre Christian paganism is the way forward.

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  3. Perhaps the Bergogster’s turn of phrase was mistranslated?
    Or as before, his perceived vagueness is intentional?

    He & his ilk have already tarred Latin mass supporters as fundamentalists.
    Does he now infer the Latin mass and the security of God is backwards?
    Which would leave his preferred Lutheran 1WR mass as forwards.. into the abyss.
    Perhaps his suggestion is for the unreasonable fundamentalists to cast aside God & believe in his God of security, like his master wants?
    In any case, his language is junk and his message is bunk.

    The Bergoblin.
    his lack of perfection, inspires no affection,
    he pushes injections, to cure unknown infections,
    he’s not to be called Vicar of Christ, can he get any sicker in vice?
    we’ll end up in hell if we buy what he sells,
    so avoid his silver transaction for the best course of action.

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      1. The Bergoblin

        The deadbeat of Buenos Aires,
        sows wheat fields full of tares,
        his best friend’s a Rabbi,
        and he dislikes all Abbeys,
        goes trick or treating to witches lairs

        his language is junk and his message is bunk,
        follow this adjunct and end up defunct
        now don’t take his bait
        or you’ll lose your faith
        stay clear of the skunk with no unction

        his lack of perfection, inspires no affection,
        he pushes injections, to cure unknown infections,
        a secularist is no Vicar of Christ,
        go to hell if you buy what he sells,
        so avoid silver transactions or joining his faction.

        beware of avarice from this cockatrice,
        ignore his advice & stay safe from vice,
        remember to pray,
        and seek God’s rays,
        or pay the price and enter the vise.

        Now it just needs a guitar!

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            1. I also read he wears a Bernardin satanic pectoral cross, so it’d be a miracle beyond belief for him to now convert.

              But I’ll still pray for conversion, and for the restoration of the hierarchy of the Church.
              It might help shorten the chastisement, I hope!

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              1. Where did I read recently (was it this blog?) that we should pray for all our enemies to have deathbed conversions very soon?


  4. That piece of scripture made me think of what he said further on in the quote:
    “… they live ‘as it was back then’, they distance themselves from the Spirit, they do not permit the freedom of the Spirit to enter into them…”
    The Holy Spirit? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

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