Tragically, the young mother I asked you to pray for (here: passed away this afternoon.

Please pray for her soul, her husband, and children.

10 thoughts on “Update on “J”

  1. I just got word that a young Catholic, pregnant first-time mom in our parish is in the hospital due to pregnancy complications at 5 months. Don’t know additional status. If I could be so bold as to piggyback on this post and request prayers for both the mother and child. Please Mary, pray and intercess for a healthy outcome, so close to the anniversary of your Son’s birth. If it is God’s will that either pass, please guide them into the Beatific Vision.


  2. I received an email from a friend regarding this family. J died from Covid complications. She had five children. This baby, the sixth, a girl, was delivered at 7 months; is doing fairly well. It is a great cross; God, sustain the suffering and those who mourn!


  3. Heartbreaking. Thank you Michael for keeping us updated. I’ve shared this with friends and family, we will all be devoted to prayers for J and her family.


  4. I am so sorry to hear this… I really thought things would turn around, how is her child? I will keep praying for all of the family and you as well. God bless.

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  5. I’m so heartbroken to hear this. I will continue to pray for her husband and children and for the repose of her soul. Que descanse en Paz. I will pray for you too Michael.

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