Sorry I’ve been so quiet, folks. I rented a boat in Key West for 10 days and … man did I use it. I’ve never been so excited to wake up early in my life, nor have I been so ready for bed at night. Between boating and fishing, focusing on whom I’m with, and terrible coverage, I just haven’t had a chance.

Do you blame me? I took this yesterday:

But, the recent news deserves at least a comment. Please forgive the shallow nature of my analysis for the reasons above. I haven’t read anything in detail yet, but I understand the gist, and here it is:

Antipope BerGog is pushing Traditional Novus Ordo Catholics into the SSPX. Why do I say that? Because he has not done a single thing adverse to the SSPX. He, like Ratzinger, acknowledged that they are not schismatic, gave them (more) faculties, and then (seemingly) ignored them.

They are the last refuge of the Trad Cat. Of course, you know my opinion – they are the only Catholics outside Eastern Rites and Sedevecantists that have unquestionable sacraments. So, they should have been the first resort for us for a very long time.

Antipope BerGog and his minions are continuing to limit diocesan traditional Latin Masses. Obviously, the goal is to eliminate them, despite the questionable faculties of Novus Ordo priests who have been ordained by Novus Ordo bishops. Consequently, Traditional Catholics are seeking options for worthy worship and sacrifice.

That said, I’m very concerned for low information Traditional Catholics right now, because we’re being openly herded to the SSPX.

As I said last year, even before Father Selegny’s horrific and dishonest article about the Covax – we’re getting set up for a betrayal. A big one. Hopefully, it will be obvious, but I doubt it.

So … watch for the Sedes to suddenly stop getting ignored, or to get ignored harder … I don’t know which will happen. It’s irrelevant, but it leads me to my next point.

I see a lot of people concerned about not having a place to assist a true mass. Why aren’t you assisting at a sedevecantist chapel?

Regardless of whether you agree with them or not, their sacraments are unquestionable, and their Catholic teaching is spot on. They’re shite on politics and Covax, but so is everybody else.

Last, it’s not schismatic to assist with them, even if they’re wrong. It is not. See below:

“Nor is there any schism if……one suspects the person of the pope or the validity of his election, or if one resists him as the civil head of a state.” Szal, Rev Ignatius: Communication of Catholics with Schismatics, CUA, 1948, p.2

“Neither is someone a schismatic for denying his subjection to the Pontiff on the grounds that he has solidly founded [‘probabiliter’] doubts concerning the legitimacy of his election or his power.” de Lugo: Disp., De Virt. Fid. Div., disp xxv, sect iii, nn. 35-8

Whether the Sedes are right or wrong, it’s impossible to say that they’re insincere. What’s more, the state of affairs makes it clear that their arguments – even if wrong – are not irrational.

Therefore, they’re not in schism, no matter how incorrect they may be. For the record, I’m not suggesting that they’re incorrect. I disagree with their view on the Una Cum. As for the rest … I disagree with their certainty, but not much else.

So, for those of you who will now struggle finding a real mass, I say find a Sede chapel. Why not? We’ll all be Sedes soon … even you “The Architect of Vatican II is the *real* pope” folks. I jest … I was one of you not too long ago.

Seriously, there’s no harm in it – only profound benefit.

20 thoughts on “Antipope BerGog Promotes the SSPX, Again

  1. Ugh! I just watched the latest on the SSPX News YouTube channel, and sadly, I think your prediction may be right. In the 1/5/22 video, “The Superior General of the SSPX Clarifies the Vaccine Debate”, he mentioned absolutely nothing regarding the ethical issues with the vaccines and the ongoing use of humanized mice! Absolutely nothing in a 35-minute presentation on “the vaccine debate”! What a disappointment. Am I missing something?


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      1. And I was really starting to feel at home at the chapel “nearby” (albeit 50 minutes nearby!). Argh. Starting to feel like that polar bear on the melting ice sheet not knowing where to go. I just want a one-way ticket (steerage would be fine) on the Barque of St. Peter for me and my loved ones.

        In fairness, while troubling with side-stepping the issue, he did not come out in favor of getting it. So, as long as they don’t promote getting the injections, one may argue all other things being the same, the SSPX offer a better option (at the moment) for proper mass and sacraments over NO.

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  2. Me either .. Except mine are ugly lady tears. Your time on the boat .. water .. beautiful sunrises and and sunsets .. Can’t think of anything lovelier. A great respite from the uglies.
    I’m going to wish you blessings now for Christmas and New Years. The year has passed so quickly hasn’t it. Have a Merry, holy Christmas and hope for a blessed New Year. God Bless you Michael .. Miss you. 🌷

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  3. I was just thinking the same. Is there a sede directory? There’s FSSP, SSPX, SSPX resistance here in St Marys, KS, but not sure how to find what else.

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  4. Would’ve loved to have seen some of those sunrises and sunsets on those waters.

    On the other matter, I recently scolded a fellow Catholic for pushing the book, “Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism”. Perhaps it and the Sedevacantists promoting it from the Society of St. Pius V were ahead of the game after all? Such confusing times for one who just wants to serve God’s Will as fully as possible.

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        1. Speaking as one who is absolutely certain, might I timidly suggest that you are pretty certain on some issues as well?

          I would never have become sede without a high degree of certainty, because it would risk your eternal salvation to make such a decision on a preference or grudge.

          Since becoming sede and studying ecclesiology, the certainty has only grown, because of the nature of the Church and the papacy, which is completely incompatible with current Novus Ordo events and, really, its essence.


          1. I didn’t say your certainty is irrational. I said I disagreed with it.

            For example, I’m certain that it’s impossible for the Catholic Church to have only offered unholy sacrifice from 1969 until 1983.


            1. 👍 No argument on the Una Cum.

              Though you did say that you “reject” certainty, not “disagree” with it.

              I don’t demand certainty from you or anyone else. But certainty *is* reasonable and demonstratable.

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              1. That’s fair. I was being fairly free flowing with my language. I’ll edit it. Thank you.

                Edit: well, it would have been fair but I went to edit it and saw that it says “disagree,” not “reject.”

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      1. It’s as I imagined it.

        I watched the video of the parishioners ramming down the blocked doorway of the church in the 80’s this morning after reading the recent news. It brought tears to my eyes more so than in the past. Tough times ahead, no doubt, but His Will be done.

        To think I’m even considering the possibility of sedevacantism would have been unimaginable a few years back.

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