I’ve been a little overwhelmed with the response from you guys, especially in the thread below from my friend @HiPlainzGrifter.

You guys are awesome. I’m still fairly sick, but I wanted to at least poke my head up to make a few things very clear:

  1. Yes, it is Covid, which developed into pneumonia.
  2. No, I did not take their Covid test. I only knew for certain that it was Covid on day 5, when I lost my senses of taste and smell. It was then that I decided to take an ethical therapeutic regimen.
  3. Yes, it sucks, and it did seem serious for a bit – but I’m not going to die. While I appreciate the prayer very much, I don’t want people concerned about that. I will be ok, but it may be slow going for a bit.
  4. Last, at no time during this illness have I, even for a second, regretted being unvaccinated. This changes nothing, whatsoever, regarding that issue.

I’m sorry for the short post, but I thought some folks deserved an update. I do have some thoughts on all of this that I’ll be sharing eventually.

In the meantime, I’m praying for you guys, too.

Lift High the Cross!

39 thoughts on “Thanks So Much For The Prayers

  1. Good morning, I pray you’re feeling better today. Hopefully you’ve been given a strong antibiotic to clear the infection. Also in case you haven’t tried, a mustard plaster sometimes helps clear the lungs (paste of powdered mustard seed, flour & water on moist paper towels applied to chest & back 15-20 minutes. Spread paste between paper towels-should not directly touch skin, it would burn) also fresh eucalyptus branches in the shower, and perhaps a percussive back massage. Plus drink tons of hot lemon water with honey and cayenne if you can. Much love to you as you recover!


  2. Hi, Michael, It’s Gracie from Twitter. I am so glad you are getting better, and that Pale Horse was kind enough to let us know what is happening with you, and to give me this site address. Florida looks like it was great! On the injection topic, I have NOT given in–although given that they ruined my mind with their chemo drugs, I trust them so little they would have to forcibly hold me down to do so!!! I may lose my SUNY professorship if our Mommy Dearest guvner has her way, and with two college kids of my own, that scares the dickens out of me, but I pray all day for all of us. I did attend the NY State Medical Freedom rally and there were well over 4000 of there, gave me some hope. Lots of love–

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  3. Glad you’re on the mend. Personally, your getting sick put a kink in my already long list of daily petitions I had lined up and had to put on hold to add you. But seriously, in the past few months we’ve had two somewhat prominent members of our local community die in the hospital “from COVID”. I’m pretty sure neither received any of the injections. But protocols as they are, I’m betting the standard hospital protocol was used and very well may have contributed to their deaths. I was not close enough to either to have had ability to give advice, and they didn’t seem the type to know about the alternatives.

    Regarding your post:

    For “3”, I doubt you’d have the information, but for my own edification I would love to know what your Vitamin D blood level was at the time you got sick. With all the treatments and remedies out there, one constant I’ve found is the importance of having a therapeutic Vitamin D blood level at/above 40 ng/ml to significantly reduce serious symptoms.

    For “4”, I concur given the information involving the abominable medical research that Julianne and others (albeit mostly Julianne) have uncovered, we have to take a stand. The only regret I have in this area is not being successful at convincing more people to take such a stand against these abortion-tainted injections.

    Stay out of the trees for now. Sounds like it’ll be a bit before a full recovery, but know you have at least a good-sized regiment if not an army of faithful praying for you. Your probably already doing so, but be sure to offer up any pain/suffering for a worthy petition.


  4. I took care of my mom in 2020 after a bout of pneumonia. The game changer was a spirometer. I couldn’t keep O2 above 90 and we saw immediate improvement. Please get one of these. Very cheap and easy to use. Try sucking in at 500 10 min an hour and move up volume as u can.
    Praying for you friend. You have a beautiful heart and an amazing mind. God has used you many times to shine light in the darkness for me.

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  5. You had said in another post you have a relative who is a doctor and they may have already told you that with pneumonia it’s important to keep moving, obviously not to the extent you normally would. Many people go to bed and don’t move and that makes pneumonia pack into your lungs and really prolongs recovery and leads to even more issues.

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      1. Yes and that’s about the extent of the activity I am talking about, just important to not stop moving altogether, sometimes people take the “rest” part too literally. Pneumonia can often be months to recover from also, I hope you can start to see some improvements and not have to visit hospital, so worried about anyone going near medical establishment at this time.

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      2. Try to force yourself to walk even that short distance Michael. And to rest during the day .. I’m told that it’s best to sit rather than recline. This is all easy for us to say isn’t it.:) but we mean well. The spirometer is an excellent suggestion. Take care of you. Your friends miss you.

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          1. I know it must be, but just keep thinking about all the things you’re going to do as soon as you’re up and healthy:)


  6. Wow! So sorry to hear you are ill, Michael. Was wondering where you’ve been. You came into my mind at Mass on Sunday while praying for different people and of course, prayed for you.

    I had it back in November of 2019 with the exact same symptoms, after being in Chinatown, NYC. I feel the EXACT same way about the shot. No way.

    I will pray for your continued recovery during our family Rosary tonight.

    God Bless, Michael

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  7. Hi Michael,

    I’m glad you’re getting better.

    Remember, I’m the one that said “crackling in the lungs” sounds like pneumonia. Pneumonia has been around before long before “covid” was invented.

    Just because you have pneumonia, it does not mean that you had anything called “covid” first. Lots of illnesses cause you to lose your sense of taste and smell. Just sayin’

    Blessings, Sandra


  8. So happy to hear you are feeling a bit better! Use nebulizer with coloidal silver it kills pneumonia…thats what I do. Anyway , we will keep praying while you take a break and will be right as rain in no time! God bless you Michael!

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  9. So happy to hear from you., Michael.

    Our priest gave us the following prayer on a Holy Card, years ago. He was a spiritual prepper way back in the ’90s.

    O great St. Rocco, deliver us, we beseech thee, from the scourges of God; through thy intersession, preserve our bodies from contagious diseases, and our souls from the contagion of sin. Obtain for us salubrious air; but, above all, purity of heart.
    Assist us to make good use of health, to bear sufferings with patience; and, after thy example, to live in the practice of penance and charity, that we may one day enjoy the happiness which thou has merited by thy virtues.
    St. Rocco, pray for us. St. Rocco, pray for us. St. Rocco, pray for us.

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