Then do what all people who worship Jesus Christ must do – humble yourself, be brutally honest with your actions, motivations, weaknesses, and manipulations – and make a sincere and heartfelt apology to The Father, His Son our King, all while thanking the Holy Spirit for the grace to feel enough remorse to resurrect your soul.

But, that is not enough. You don’t get a free pass due to a prayer session, regardless of how sincere and emotional it may have been. If you’re protestant, all that does is grant you forgiveness and access to the grace to do what is right. Catholics get absolution.

But the penance is the same.

Stand with us.

Do not answer questions about your vaccination status.

Do not allow yourself to accept the privileges of compliance.

Do not throw the only loved ones you respect to the wolves, and justify it by saying “it doesn’t matter … I’m just telling the truth.”

You cannot legitimately benefit from your sin, and you cannot honorably benefit from your compliance with evil, while those you love and respect starve.

Last, you cannot justify complicity with evil, even to help us. We don’t want Satan’s compassion.

So, if you want to repent of taking Trump’s MAGAVaxx, and I desperately pray that you do, then you need to accept the fact that you will go down with us, as Our Lord decides.

If you can’t do that, please at least respect your loved ones enough to know that your cowardly and pathetic presence will be a constant invitation to disgust and lack of charity, as well as a very real risk of you betraying us, resulting in our deaths.

I have 4 degrees. I have social skills. I am a sane man. I’m telling you that this is coming, and, in my opinion, if you’ve gotten the MAGAVaxx, you need to be prepared to lay down your life for your loved ones, to save your soul.

Look … on the bright side, regardless of the medical theory, virtually every honest medical doctor you can find, thinks it’s more likely than not that you’ll be dead within six years.

Do something to counteract your suicide. You need you to, and we need you to.

We want you to – that’s how the Body of Christ works.

18 thoughts on “Want to Repent of the MAGAVaxx?

  1. Beautiful call to repentance. We must never give up on a soul. Never!!

    How long have we endured talk of The Marginalized from our bishops? We are to be sympathetic— to show solidarity— to seek the outcast and defend him.
    “A pandemic of the unvaccinated.”
    What a satanic inversion.

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  2. We’re now reaching a point where even hard core anti-vaxxers are caving into the pressure and taking The Shot. Granted, n = 1, but my aunt, an MD who knows all about this stuff, and is Catholic, is about to get it. All to keep her job, when she’s near retirement age anyway.

    I can’t expect anyone to be as willing to suffer as I am, but at the very least, if you know The Shot is poison, and you take it anyway–even allowing for the possibility that trials are still ongoing and some of the doses are placebo–it is a sin against prudence.

    I’ve been praying very hard, daily for nearly a month now, for the victims of this vaccine (both the victims of child sacrifice and those hurt or killed by The Shots). Hopefully God will spare some. It’s too bad I didn’t think to pray for people who are resisting them to persist.

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  3. I agree completely. These Catholics who were foolish enough to get the death jab should not benefiting while fellow Catholics are being fired.

    One thing I would add is that every Catholic needs to stop wearing masks NOW. The biggest lie out of all the big lies of the plandemic was that somehow you can transmit a cold, flu, “CoVid 19,” etc. while showing no symptoms, or somehow you can catch them from someone showing no symptoms. It was the most absurd lie of them all, and yet Catholics complied.

    If you are still putting on a mask, you need to go to Confession because you are literally bearing false witness on your face.

    If your work requires you to wear a mask, you need to disobey for religious reasons and force them to fire you.

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  4. Passive participation in the ‘cov-jab’ medical experiment (essentially an extermination action) is stupid. Foolishness is one of the unclean sins.

    Mk 7:20-22
    “20 But he said that the things which come out from a man, they defile a man.

    21 For from within out of the heart of men proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,

    22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness.”

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  5. This site won’t let me post screens shots. Long story short. Well known man in the Iron Horse motorcycle group died of covid thing. Went to his FB and read through hundreds and hundreds of comments. He was in ICU. Completed he had to wait hours to pee and in fact had to call hospital to get help. Even more he said almost all in with him are vaccinated. No one told him about supplements/ivy etc. well one person but he did not respond. He got double pneumonia. Prior to that he begged for help. They tile him he could have an inhaler and go home. This is so hard for me. He is dead. He had no signs of catholic faith. He owned a bar in my town. All loved him. He did all those rides for cancer patients etc. but out of hundreds and hundreds of comments no one knew to tell him what we know. No one. I’m very sad. It’s only going to get worse. We must spiritually get ready and beg Out Lady to help us be mentally strong like she was

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  6. Great post, Michael. The talking heads in each country have exhibited an extremely threatening tone over the past week, concerning the unvaccinated. It’s astonishing to me that people cannot see how abnormal it is, that they have resorted to bribery and threats over a supposed life saving remedy, let alone that the fact, that MOST who contract it or have unknowingly contracted are 100% asymptotic. I worked on a very busy infectious disease unit in NY 20 years ago. They were swabbing the noses of the nurses for MRSA, VRE, etc but stopped when ALL came back positive but asymptotic. I understand that the gen pop does not understand how this all works, but they refuse to listen to anyone with real experience. Things are getting very scary, and it seems crazier everyday. Thanks for the posts.

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    1. Hey MRC,
      That’s interesting what you say, especially about MRSA.

      Last year some Drs from “team good guy” came out with all guns blazing bringing a Germ v Terrain Theory debate into the realm of alternative media.

      -Pasteur supposedly recanted his Germ Theory on his death bed~
      The Rockefeller Satanists built an allopathic medical empire off of it.

      Terrain Theory explains there’s no transmission of viruses.
      We’re told Doctors in 1918 tried to infect healthy people with ‘spanish flu’ but gave up after not succeeding from transferring swabs from nostrils of sick to healthy, and even from injecting the mucus of sick into healthy.

      Piecing it together left me with an understanding that our bodies use viruses / exosomes to purge the bad stuff, decaying cells etc.
      The healthier you are, the more efficiently your body can do this. The inefficient get colds, flu and pneumonia.

      Also the Dutch Dr. Goddek, who’s not in this debate, well he’s shown how low levels of D3 during winter puts the seasonal into flu.

      Now I don’t trust these ‘team good guy Drs’, but at the same time, the hook they’re using, Terrain Theory, it’s convincing.

      I’m also not worried about any virus, but what are your thoughts on terrain?
      Do you think terrain can explain the asymptomatic MRSA you described?


      1. How incredibly interesting! It’s absolutely plausible in my opinion. It’s hard to decipher anymore. I feel as if much of what we’ve “learned” from the talking heads, at the top of every agency is bs, or worse yet, the devils favorite, truth mixed with lies. Maybe it’s a mix. Some we pick up and carry and are never symptomatic. I have to look more into this. Thanks for the info.

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        1. Glad to share, and your MRSA story was such the eye opener.
          They’ve been saying it is near incurable, only the strongest antibiotics work on it, and yet ye were all + and asymptomatic, incredible!

          Terrain is fascinating, although I’m also wary of the distraction, as saving souls in these terrible times is the priority, and the magavaxxed repenting is a crucial part of that, as Mike so expertly shows us.

          It also feels like the bad guys are intentionally releasing all this info, truth mixed with lies as you say, as part of their plan. So I’m keeping my guard up.

          After all, the Anti-Christ is to beat the 10 Kings in order to trick people into following him. Therefore, I can imagine he could also reveal the lies of the synagogue of satan as a part of that trickery, whose invented pharmacy is one of the biggest lies of all.


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