I’ve been having trouble with connectivity on my AT&T iPhone, even in spots where it has never been a problem before. In fact, it has been the same all throughout this 40 mile drive to Mass this morning (I’m not driving).

The problem includes text messaging, and even uploading these screenshots to my blog. If you send me a screenshot or a text with data, I may not get it for hours (or a day), unless I’m on wifi.

I shrugged it off as an AT&T thing, but the person driving says she is having the same problem (she has Verizon).

Anybody else experiencing this?

My concern is that they’re throttling us to make us want to purchase a 5G data plan.

Which, of course, feeds my suspicions that 5G is not really (very) “live” yet – but is about to be …

7 thoughts on “For the Past Couple Weeks …

  1. I agree that they are making all the phone service bad so we are almost forced to get the 5G plan. I’ve been having tons of phone issues and I can’t even listen to my voicemail because apparently my phone hasn’t been updated.

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  2. Is there such a thing as a 5G data plan? AFAIK the providers are not charging separately for 5G. It’s just part of your cell plan if you have a capable phone. That said, there is a finite amount of wireless bandwidth that each company purchases for their own use. So, I’d imagine they’d start to phase out 4G in favor of 5G but that hasn’t happened at a significant level yet. From personal experience, I’ve noticed that iPhones have a setting to automatically select between 4G and 5G since 5G isn’t all that much available yet, and it’s also a bigger drain on phone batteries. I believe you can also disable 5G on iPhones as well. Not sure if that helps at all. As far as coverage, it should be best along major highways. I just took a road trip yesterday and no problems noted using a non-5G phone.

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      1. OK. I use one of the big 3 and really am only familiar with mine which doesn’t differentiate. If you have a cell plan through them and have a 5G-capable phone, it’s part of the plan. I wondered if you have an MVNO provider? If that’s the case, I could see how they might have 4G and separate 5G plans. Also if using an MNO, you are not considered priority traffic (phone, text, or data) on the networks those piggyback on. So, I could see how service may be lacking a bit as your plan gets deprioritized below those plans for the mainstream mobile provider service from Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile. Lastly, in addition to finite bandwidth, each tower has finite “pops” (finite number of concurrent users at any given time) which can impact service if connecting to heavily used towers.

        If none of the above, then I give up, and you got gremlins. 🙂

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