Septima Buccina

You attempt to change reality by pretending that the final Passover ended on Holy Thursday, in a Freemasonic attempt to change the Final and Voluntary Sacrifice of the Divine Spotless Lamb into a Happy Meal.

This disgusting blasphemy is the result. I had to watch it. Now you must suffer with me.

These lunatics are frolicking down the Via Crucis with as much ignorant glee as the demons had while Our Lord carried His cross to Golgotha. There, He would ultimately end the final Passover by drinking from the fourth cup, and relinquishing His spirit.

Just like the demons on that day, they are ignorantly celebrating their doom.

THIS is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. THIS is what is actually happening.

The crucifixion was indeed the finalsacrifice. That does not mean that the Mass is a Happy Meal, however. It means that our true priests are not making

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