“Mortalis” is a fantasy fiction written by R.A. Salvatore. It was originally published in the year 2,000.

The plot involves an alternative history (on an alternative planet) of the Black Plague. There is even a slight variation of the “Ring around the Rosie” song incorporated.

But listen to this: the planet on which the story takes place is called “Corona,” and a primary theme of the book involves this alternate history’s version of Catholic priests and monks (he doesn’t call them “Catholic,” – it’s an alternate history. But he’s clearly not fan of the Church).

Specifically, the primary plot point is this: the priests and monks barricade themselves behind chapel walls while the common folk of Corona die of the plague without the comfort or assistance of their prelates.

Would someone please tell me how in the hell R.A. Salvatore wrote about 2020 in the year 2000?

Reality is SO weird.

9 thoughts on “Explain this one …

  1. The little baldy Dr. David Martin said the CDC patented the CV & its testing in late 90’s.

    Also a 1982 book by the father of the English Prime Minister;
    The authors of Brave New World & 1984 are also from or related to old wealth in England.
    It may be naive to believe any of them were writing fiction.

    Then there’s the bizarre Ingersoll Lockwood 19th century books on Baron Trump, who lives in Castle Trump, and, 1900: the Last President, about a populist who then destroys America.

    To top it off, I’ve seen claims they believe in a satanic magic where they can make the future they want by installing their ideas in enough people’s minds, where it then becomes reality.

    Or, they want us to think they can.
    The magic stuff may be another theory of evolution attack on our faith in God.

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      1. So suss that I looked up Ingersoll, and his wiki-bio has freemason written all over it.

        Trained as a lawyer, but his first job was appointed consul to the Kingdom of Hannover, by Abe Lincoln.
        A whole lot of other strange jobs.

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    1. I’ve been wondering about the whole predictive programming, and if it’s rather people who are open to it, being guided by the inspirations of a demonic influence.

      Here’s one for you, if you’ve heard of Jack Parsons, him and Frank Malina formed what was to become NASA’s jet propulsion labs, they were right at the beginning of early rocketry.

      What’s strange though is that he wrote a screenplay in the hope that it would be picked up by MGM in an effort to fund their rocket projects, the screenplay appears to predict his death by explosion.

      What’s even stranger though was his descent into the occult. He became a follower of Aleister Crowley and at test launches he would conduct an invocation to Pan.
      He went on to become friends with L. Ron Hubbard and became deeply involved in the occult.

      Frank Malina was invited by Julian Huxley (uncle of Aldous Huxley) to head up UNESCO’s science projects.

      Frank Malina’s son Roger Malina married Christine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell.
      Christine is involved with the world economic forum and along with her sister they’ve had several software companies over the years.

      Her sister Isabell married the son of Carl Djerassi, who was the inventor of the birth control pill.

      I know I’ve taken this on a long tangent but I just wanted to get across how the connections of these people appears to be more than coincidence. They all appear to be working to the same goal the foundation of which appears to be completely demonic.

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      1. Well, according to Aquinas and Augustine, there’s nothing in the “darksome atmosphere” (space), but fallen angels. That’s their first banishment. Most aren’t confined to hell, yet.

        All the attempts to enter that atmosphere, real or staged, are steeped in the occult.

        But that’s a much longer tangent.


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