The Office of the Vatican QAnon has made another V Drop. In it, the V Team proposes a UN 2.0 – apparently some sort of rebel alliance in opposition to the evil empire. No doubt this endeavor would be lead by Emperor Palpatine Trump, in whom Vigano places his trust for the future of humanity and Christ’s Church.

As usual, Louie Verrechio exposes the nonsense wonderfully. Give him a click and read:

How do I buy the man a scotch?

2 thoughts on “Freemasonic Humanism Adorned With Christian Flowers

  1. So to fight the globalists we need to form a new global organization? Sounds like the way you get anti-globalist people to buy into a global agenda. Bait and switch

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  2. My new SSPX parish has adult catechism every other week and our lesson plan is on errors of modernism and ecumenism. It’s truly eye opening. Just yesterday, I had a conversation with a fellow traditional catholic (but not attending weekly Mass or the catechism) and I said that I had no trust in Vigano. She was shocked. The akacatholic blog explains it well. I said that he was trained as a modernist and we should pray for his conversion. That’s really all that is left is the Holy Ghost to redirect him from his hiding place and walk away from all bits and pieces of what is broken.

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