Lying is the natural state of humans these days.

7 thoughts on “IDK Who This Is, But She’s Lying

  1. Crap like this makes perfect sense when one considers how many people are motivated by sympathy and attention. Feel sorry for me, and don’t forget to comment, comment, comment!
    And when the ego is highest good above which nothing can be thought, what would restrain lying in the service thereof?
    I feel like this condition used to be called something. Today it’s just called normal.

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  2. Hey Michael you want to hear a funny story about lying?
    Or maybe it’s more of a tragedy….

    Just found out my partner is double jabbed. He justified the lying because… He knew my reaction

    The best bit?

    His 3 children all knew too and complied with the lie

    And they all the said the same thing ‘ we knew you’d be upset and how you’d react’

    Seems their father has taught them well

    So yeah , lying is now justified & completely acceptable

    ( you won’t remember but earlier this year you were kind enough to give me advice and wisdom.
    I prayed & prayed much .. and then I procrastinated.
    So God has given me one last chance.
    He brought that lie out and into the open & now , now I will do Gods will. I’m scared and feel so alone. My situation with my son, 3 dogs to look after, and this impending Dark Winter.
    But but!! What ever is coming I accept and trust in the Lord )

    Hope your well Michael

    I know it’s been said many times , BUT YOU ARE SO VERY MISSED ON TWATTER

    God bless you 🙏

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  3. Idk. Some people are just habitual liars. They don’t need a reason, they have no reason. As far as this is concerned .. no way would a dentist put someone through the pain of that procedure without a pain killer.

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  4. Yes,definitely lying. I had my 4 impacted wisdom teeth out when I was 16. I was given a local anasthesia and was knocked out the entire time. It was terribly painful after and I was out of school for a week. Endodontists take these types of procedures very seriously. She just wants to seem tough maybe? I just don’t understand lying about this.

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