You attempt to change reality by pretending that the final Passover ended on Holy Thursday, in a Freemasonic attempt to change the Final and Voluntary Sacrifice of the Divine Spotless Lamb into a Happy Meal.

This disgusting blasphemy is the result. I had to watch it. Now you must suffer with me.

These lunatics are frolicking down the Via Crucis with as much ignorant glee as the demons had while Our Lord carried His cross to Golgotha. There, He would ultimately end the final Passover by drinking from the fourth cup, and relinquishing His spirit.

Just like the demons on that day, they are ignorantly celebrating their doom.

THIS is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. THIS is what is actually happening.

The crucifixion was indeed the final sacrifice. That does not mean that the Mass is a Happy Meal, however. It means that our true priests are not making new sacrifices, as the Israelites did in the temple.

No … what is happening is far more epic than that. By the power that Our Lord Jesus Christ conferred upon them, which they receive in a proper ordination by a bishop who is properly consecrated, our priests open up a window through space and time to the very foot of the Cross of the King of Kings. That cross is His throne, and our Tree of Life.

The priest witnesses and takes part in that profound sacrifice, for our benefit. We assist him from the pew while this unbelievable miracle takes place. We are supernaturally, but really, at the foot of the cross during the moment of the final consummation.

Who would clap and dance? Such mockery.

Please consider that, and ask yourself whether your parish is truly showing love, respect, gratitude, and due reverence for the Word made flesh.

7 thoughts on “This is What Happens When …

  1. All of the comments are right on, especially yours, .. I really have nothing to add. Horrible mockery. Also note that the melody of their song is from George Harrison’s (a Krishna) My Sweet Lord.

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  2. I am mystified by the societal juggernaut “Boomers Who Refuse the Cross.” I don’t get it. Maybe someone here can help me out.

    I’m 36. Trying to discuss the Faith with anyone in my parents’ generation is impossible! They cannot, will not acknowledge the Cross, let alone embrace it, and every tenet of the Faith must be subject to how good it makes everyone feel.

    At my mother’s novus ordo church, some boomer approached the priest after Mass to complain that the “Lord have mercy” part was too depressing and sin-focused, and it ought to be changed to reflect our gratitude. I’m not making this up. The priest agreed, and so he changed the Mass to say something about Thanks for all the great stuff or whatever rather than contrition.

    A couple years ago, my brother was in PA on business and when he knelt to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, the (boomer) priest shoved him —PHYSICALLY shoved him— and snarled “Stand for the Resurrection!”

    I’m not trying to upset you guys, and please forgive me if my post has been an occasion of sin for anyone. I’m genuinely baffled by the pervasiveness of this attitude in my parents’ generation. I think Satan has harnessed it to drive support for the antichristic covid response.

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    1. My husband and I were born at the tail end of the boomer generation and growing up Catholic was confusing for us since we started off with the Mass of the Ages and jumped to the demonic novus ordo. I even participated in the Mass by playing the guitar and singing which to this day brings sorrow.

      All glory to God for the graces received to realize it was such an offense to Our Lord. It wasn’t until 15 years ago when we attended our first Tridentine Mass and we witnessed the Good, True and Beautiful. I remember weeping during the entire Mass.

      Pray for the boomers and pray every day. They are blinded by sin! I know very well because I too was blinded by sin.

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  3. It looks like a SNL skit.

    But is SNL even this disgraceful and blasphemous.

    When I see things like this a literal physical sickness comes over me. And outrage.
    And sorrow.

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