1. Is fatty William Shatner the same size as Bezos?

2. Is it statistically possible for fatty Shatner’s fake astronaut outfit to be wrinkled 100% identically with State Avatar Number 3, Bezos’ costume?

3. Why do they want you to see the fraud?


8 thoughts on “Three Questions:

  1. I showed this to my mom, her response “they showed him getting out of the ship”. Now she agrees that the fake Whitehouse they want us to see is confusing, etc…but I am having a hard time with explaining controlled opposition. Could you do a basic educational post on how to explain it?

    Also, I agree w/ Roberta…love to hear more on how life is!


      1. My daughter has appeared on Fox and Friends a couple of times and her most recent appearance was on a Sunday morning at 7:00. We recorded it since we were getting ready for Mass. After watching, we were asked her all sorts of questions about what went on behind the scenes. That morning the entire “live” segment was done from a large white van the Fox people parked in her Arlington, VA condo parking lot! The segment looked exactly the same as when she went to the Fox studio. I am shaking my head as I type this thinking I actually believed she was at the studio. Stupid…

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  2. I noticed that and wondered the same thing. It was obvious .. they made it obvious.
    Question: How is your dog behaving? Do the deer and.the racoons still visit your backyard? I miss those pictures and the creatures you dealt with so often. 😊

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