I decided to move my title into this first paragraph, because it would absolutely get you into trouble on your social media platforms. But here is the title: We Need to Start Killing These People.

That’s the majority of the content that I have to offer you, tonight.

I have struggled with this issue for my entire life, with regard to abortion. I have never understood why the “Catholic Church” would teach the principle of proportional force in defense of self and others for 2,000 years, and then suddenly STOP after Vatican II. Well, they didn’t really stop, did they? That would have been too obvious. They called it a “prudential decision.”


Any magisterium that preaches passivity to Moloch is … Moloch’s magisterium – not our Lord’s.

Nobody with any prudence let’s a child be murdered when they can give their life to make that murder less possible. That is not who we are.

If you are a Catholic, own it: that is not who you are.

Now, these sons of bitches are murdering an entire generation with slow poison. A poison that the “conservative” “hero” Trojan Horse Trump is selling like he gets a commission.

They’re giving incentives to our kids to commit self harm.

They’re incentivizing our kids to be hostile to our prudence.

They’re weaponizing our children against themselves.

I’m no longer on social media, and I no longer am unsure of whether the anti Church’s clever anti Christian advice is correct. So, I can speak freely: It is not.

We need to start killing these people.

A million of you will agree. A handful of you will have the guts to say it out loud.

12 thoughts on “[Self Censored] Title

  1. I have thought alot about your previous posts and the applicability to this inevitable attack on our young children.

    I am..and have been sounding the alarm with everyone I know with children. I bombard them with information. Real scientific data Reports of death and injury. I text them anything I find daily. I call them. I tell them in face to face conversations. Some of them I’m sure are sick of me. I don’t care.
    Parents MUST be diligently aware of what’s going on in their schools. They will set up clinics and their kids will be vaxxed under assumed consent unless they formally opt out. They already do this all the time with other things..like gay pride month and pep rallies.

    I am with you on this.
    I’m interested in hearing from the men readers of your blog. So far looks like only women respondents.

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  2. Many of these lame leaders took the hell shot and will probably be first to go when the next virus hits (Gates dropped the smallpox hint this week). Just like the resistance in WWII, we need a way to connect to carry it out. I feel awful for these innocent children, totally brainwashed by their mentally ill parents. I feel helpless on my own, but I believe in God’s mercy for those who are innocent.

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  3. It’s easy to see how Vatican II created a perfectly timed slow poison of complacency. If not, every God-fearing Catholic would have abolished these evil practices long ago- every abortionist, every crooked politician standing behind evil pharma would have answered to the sword of righteousness. If it is God’s Will, let us ride out and meet them.

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  4. That would be the only way to actually stop the madness, the insanity of the scientists and corporations who create and produce the means to poison .. now the children. And the abortionists, responsible for the slaughter of millions of babies…

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      1. ‘Black Moses’? Do you mean Moses the Black?
        “At about age 75, about the year 405 AD, word came that the Mazices, a group of Berbers, planned to attack the monastery. The brothers wanted to defend themselves, but Moses forbade it. He told them to retreat, rather than take up weapons. Citing that a violent death was the appropriate death for a former robber—”All who take the sword will perish by the sword”—he opted to remain behind. He was joined by seven others, and they were together martyred by the bandits on 24 Paoni (July 1).”
        The practice of killing unborn children was carried out (and is still being done) by the so-called health service. The commissioners of these murders (parents), the executors of these murders (the medics), and the indifferent observers of these murders are now being killed by the same health service. Whoever fights with a syringe dies by a syringe! Whoever is a constrictor dies by suffocation! Whoever…
        Nov. 6th, St. Leonard of Noblac, Godfather of the Eldest Daughter of the Church, meaning France


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