Prohibits Novus Ordo priests from saying the Triduum mass readings.

The readings during the Triduum include Matthew 27:25 – which is the leadership of Judea cursing themselves and their descendants in exchange for the murder of Our Lord.

The prayers during the Triduum include the Catholic Church’s strongest (and most compassionate) appeal for Our Lord to have mercy on the Jews for their blindness and hardness of heart, by removing their blindness, giving them the grace to convert and thereby enter into the New Covenant by being baptized Catholic.

Notice I said “the Jews” not Israel.

Israel before Christ was comprised of 12 tribes of Middle Eastern people, only one of which was the tribe of Judea. Jews nowadays will try to convince you that they’re all 12 tribes. Instead of a biological demographic, Our Lord Jesus Christ made Israel His Church. The 12 tribes were superseded by the 12 apostles, and their descendants.

Their descendants are spiritual – not biological. They chose their descendants. They consecrated them, under the matter and form dictated by … themselves – the only valid authority on earth.

Even common people knew the distinction between Jews and Israelites in 1948, when the Rothschild’s decided to name their acreage in Palestine “Israel.” Everybody expected them to name it “Judea,” because that’s what it is. Look it up. There are plenty of newspaper articles discussing the controversy.

The demons riding those who are deceiving the victim tyrants have demanded that the little Freemason antipope forbid those prayers from being read.

Prayers for the Jews blindness to be removed have been deleted from the Freemasonic Novus (“New”) [World] Ordo (“Order”) rite. So, no threat to demons there.

Nice job, Bergoglio. Trump approves.

2 thoughts on “Fake & AntiCatholic Vatican …

  1. Verse Mat 27, 25: And all the people answered, and they said, “His blood be upon us and upon our children.” – can also be read as a prophecy, even as a plea of ​​this blind people, that through the Blood of Jesus Christ also they (Israel) may one day be saved.
    The fact that this moment is approaching is evidenced by the change in the content of the prayer for the Jews on Good Friday, which was made by Bendict with the notification of February 4, 2008 [ .html]. In this new prayer all Israel (not only Jews) appears to enter the Church with all nations. I think it will happen soon, and then this prayer will not be needed anymore.
    If Cardinal Angelo de Donatis announces that in his diocese it is allowed to celebrate the Triduum in Italian and probably in any other language except Latin, then the Roman Catholic Church is dead. The Jews killed the Lord Jesus through the Romans – and they killed the Mystical Body of Christ through the Romans (that is, Roman clergy and secular authorities). Only now will the prophecy of Matthew 27:25 be fulfilled, with the result of Israel’s conversion.
    Nov. 10, saint Pope Leo the Great & saint Joseph the Martyr (+ AD343, Persia)

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