We sometimes turn it all off. It’s a self defense mechanism. We feel far too much. We sense what others are feeling. Indeed, often times we feel it.

I’m not talking about magic, or some ESP nonsense, in the supernatural sense. I’m talking about people with finely tuned perception, most of whom have suffered a great deal and have experienced the gamut of human emotion.

There may be something “extra” about it, but I don’t think it’s necessarily supernatural at all. Dogs can sense mood changes. Literally. Perhaps it’s a smell, or something. But it’s a natural thing.

Anyway, empathetic people tend to experience other’s suffering more than other people do. For that reason, certain things are exhausting for us. If we can’t avoid those things, sometimes, we have to turn off the feels completely.

Perhaps others have found a middle ground. I haven’t seemed to be able to do so.

It’s not like I pulled the plug early. Day after day, warning about the same things. Providing evidence. Getting scoffed at, mocked, and abused – by Catholics, Republicans, and my own family.

I tried to quit, but I cared too much. Twitter did me a favor, and cut me loose. But, I’m keeping it in the “off” position, because the pain is just about to begin.

Still, no matter how thick the walls I’ve been building are, the video below made me very sad tonight – not because they’re athletes. The athletes are simply getting attention because of all of the witnesses.

They’re working their hearts hard. That’s what athletes do. But, they’ve injected a defect, and can no longer do so. Consequently, I’m not surprised.

It made me sad because it confirms what is happening, and what is to come.

It also made me sad because most of the lunatics in the world will blame it on the COVID instead of Trump’s abortion derived MAGAVaxx.

Here’s the video: https://www.brighteon.com/ce7f2764-67df-4c6a-8667-4c86251afd0c

I peek on social media less and less these days. Whenever I do, all I see is some very good people saying the same things over and over again, and achieving absolutely nothing. Sadly, some of them get very little interaction at all, yet they spend all day, every day, doing the same thing.

It’s a toxic prison, and I’m glad I’m free of it. Visiting just makes me feel like I wasted years of my life trying to warn people who will never be warned. Ever.

They don’t care about anything except for creature comforts and winning. Well, they’re “going to get tired of all the winning.”

I was on Twitter for far too long. Perhaps you have been too. And, perhaps you should consider cutting out before you get as far under the fig tree as I have parked myself.

10 thoughts on “A Secret About Empathetic People.

  1. Michael, have you ever written a meditation on the first sorrowful mystery? I’d be interested in reading that.

    My guess is that in a few months we’ll be watching a similar video, except instead of athletes it will be kindergarteners. If no one is gunned down at that point, we can declare our society’s time of death.


    1. I think I may have, in connection with the Eternal Sacrifice of the Mass, and what Our Lord knew he was taking on – considering He is outside of time. It was on Twitter though.


  2. You are right, again. It’s actually embarrassing at this hour, to still be addicted to an evil app. Aside from the handful of friends there whom I love, the quest for sharing greater understanding through the vast emptiness of social media is probably useless. It may be better to detach from modern society by choice rather than by force.
    Now to break the compulsion to check it multiple times a day may be another story..

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  3. I’ve been told since I was a child that I’m too sensitive. Still today people say this to me.
    I used to hate it when I was younger. Why am I like this? Why do I feel so much?
    I’m an introvert too & I ‘feel’ people’s energy which drains me
    As I’ve gotten older I am happy that I am indeed sensitive and empathic. I thank God for that. He made me 😊
    (If I like you a lot I get sympathy pains when you have pain)

    But yes, right now it’s really tough. Everywhere I look people close to me are getting ill (yes they’ve all taken the poison)
    And then they’re moving the age lower and lower for the poison ..
    And what are we doing????
    Nothing but talking about it on bloody social media.

    ( I had to stop watching the video. Tears came quickly)

    Miss your tweets very much Micheal. I miss the discussions. But getting kicked off that site was definitely a good thing. I know I’ve got to give it up

    Peace & love Michael 🙏

    I really do hope you are well & ok (as one can be in these times)

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  4. I “feel” this. Those walls get mighty comfortable. Still searching for that middle ground myself. Glad you’re here to share the truth and some good music here and there. 🙂

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  5. Michael,
    I completely identify with how you’re feeling. I just want you to know how much I appreciate the clarity you helped bring to me.
    Sometimes I think that those of us that are after God’s own heart needed to see, so that we would not be deceived.
    You helped a lot of people, including me to see the truth.
    I am forever grateful.
    Although I miss you greatly on Twitter, I am grateful for your blog.
    I love your heart! I can’t wait to meet you in heaven one day brother. I think I will!
    Some of us stay on Twitter to at least try to share the gospel and plant some seeds.
    You never know the impact you might have. I know you had an impact!
    I look forward to your emails.

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  6. I saw that video and I just keep remembering the warning (not sure if it was from you or someone else) that if they are allowing us to see something it’s for a reason too. I don’t know if you were on Twitter too long as I only found you about a year ago and am so grateful I did. If you think Twitter is bad log into Facebook sometime, that will really drain you (and, sadly, most of my friends and family are still on it and still believing in the whole scamdemic).

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  7. I second every appreciative comment left in defense of you sharing your perspective. I woke up from Trump and you helped. Even if you are 50/50 its better than my odds!

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  8. Michael, our family is indebted to you. You helped God save us. In this wilderness, He still does go after the lost. Your words and your fight might not resonate with some or at this very moment, but I know when He’s working on their heart, they will remember what you’ve said. We appreciate you and pray for your blessings.

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