I don’t know anything about Gigi other than this thread, and the thread she embedded within it. But I agree with them both.

The short and blunt answer is one I controversially repeat: if we had actual bishops and properly formed consciences, Roe v Wade would have not lasted a moment longer than it took to print it, because we would have responded with fire and blood.

We would have. That is absolutely the biblical response to nationwide infanticide. There’s no biblical argument to the contrary. It required a violent response. It still does.

But, now we have absolute lunatics pretending to be Catholics desiring to crown the Father of the Moloch vaccines “Unholy Roman Emperor.”

None of this would have happened but for Vatican II.

2 thoughts on “A Good Thread

  1. “Fire and blood” .. Yes that should be the response to the atrocities that continue to be performed on the innocent. But ‘should be happening’ is a long way from ‘what is happening’, which is very little. There are brave souls who are trying in their own way to shout people awake, you’re one, but too few. You’re right about the bishops, who are either fearful, weak or compromised, I’m not sure which. One in particular just this week .. made me very sad…

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