There’s one thing about Bergoglio that’s very consistent – he refuses to speak about sin or repentance. If he happens to say something that sounds Catholic, his justification is always Freemasonic secular humanism.

It’s astonishing that many people still cannot accept that the man is intentionally evil, and a conscious enemy of God. Think about it, briefly: how difficult would it be to avoid even accidentally making a public comment on specific sins and the need to repent of them, if you were pretending to be pope for 9 years?

That would be very, very challenging. It must take a great deal of effort.

Seriously, folks – the dude just gave an entire commentary on people who have few or no children, and never mentioned the evil that is contraception or Onanism.

Compare the “clarity” of antipope BerGog to the clarity Pope Pius XI.

BerGog verbal diarrhea:

Pope Pius XI’s authoritative teaching:

Nobody can honestly claim with a straight face that antipope Bergoglio belongs to the same religion as Pope Pius XI. Bergoglio isn’t even putting up a facade of Catholicism.

It’s so obvious, I can’t help imagining BerGog as a creepy little bridge troll at this point, because he’s always trolling us.

Sort of like this guy:

P.S. Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been very sick with some sort of flu.

32 thoughts on “BerGog Trolls Catholics, again.

  1. Thank you for posting the entire quote. Lots of well-meaning faithful have been waving around the first part (don’t say no to kids and become dog moms) and cock-a-doodle-dooing all over social media as if “Francis” has underscored their grievance so we ought to take heed. Is he not an antipope? His opinions don’t suddenly take on meaning when I agree with them.

    But look at the rest of the quote, as you pointed out. Even when he says something resembling Truth, it’s like a rock that when you turn it over is all mud and creepy-crawlies. Being a cat-dad is wrong bc it… diminishes our humanity… something something. No.

    By the way, I hope you are doing better. I had the same thing last month and I’m still working it out of my chest. Odd cluster of symptoms that couldn’t seem to manifest themselves at the same time. It brought with it a degree of spiritual darkness, but maybe that was my imagination. I’ll offer something for you today.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that you are unwell Michael..
    I hope you’re over the worst bit & getting better ❤️‍🩹

    Prayers from England 🙏


    1. Sorry Roberta. Started Hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics yesterday. Fever broke 6-8 hours later. The pneumonia is going to take a little longer to clear up, but I’m officially on the mend. Amazing how quick that worked. I’ll make a blog post about all of this once my brain starts working again.

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  3. Hello Michael, I hope you’re feeling better soon. I have heard from a seed oil manufacturer that Black Cumin Seed Oil can help respiratory/ “covid” symptoms. ALMOST IMMEDIATELY Also, please look into the Chinese herb called ‘clear lungs’. Mullein is also a great way to clear lungs. Also, the combination of Quecertin + Zinc + VIT D3/K2 + VIT C is essentially the same thing as Hydroxychloroquine. And also, Elderberry/Manuka Honey. Please take magnesium/Epsom salt baths/coconut water and let us know how you’re feeling. 🙏🏻 VL


  4. Happy Christmas all!
    Get well soon, Mike!
    Also well done for pulling together a readable post under such a heavy flu.

    What an interesting observation about the effort required to spend 9yrs perfectly avoiding fundamental catholic doctrine.
    I’m doubtful whether this effort of the Frankster is even humanly possible.
    Sure, psychopaths perform elaborate schemes, but I can’t imagine one fighting through boredom for 9yrs to do this.
    So were he a confirmed psychopath, I’d still find it more plausible for an anti-inspiration to be in control of him.

    In contrast to the infallibility of the Pope when teaching, could the Frankster have made a demonic oath becoming the False Prophet that bestowed him with an anti-infallibility that guarantees the teaching of error without any concerted effort on his behalf?

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    1. Thanks Pat. Unfortunately, I feel it settling in my lungs.

      As for your question, I don’t know if such a thing exists, but I can see BerGog attempting to embody the principle.


      1. Oh that’s no bueno.
        If of any use, I like eating raw ginger & garlic for any flu like symptoms, always helped me.

        Actually, I told my father’s friend before Christmas I’d keep an eye out for any natural remedies for his COPD, as allopathic medicine isn’t helping him at all.
        I’m no Dr., but COPD is reduced lung capacity, coughing & wheezing, and he sounds like he has a chesty flu all the time.
        I’ve an unexamined hunch it’s brought on by damp cold conditions, which could be mould related.

        Now I haven’t spent quality time on it yet, but I have heard of one wild remedy:
        Bill Munro’s Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method.
        The idea being an increase in oxygen in the lungs gets rid of the bad guys. If you have any to hand, maybe give it a go. It’s good for killing bacteria.

        Seen this use on this website;

        I have hydrogen peroxide for cleaning some animal bones. Now I’ve not inhaled it, but one time I got a badly blocked ear, and I read about using it as a home remedy.
        I was prone to terrible blocked ears as a child, and I can say it is hands down the best thing I ever used.

        I can’t say whether it works for inhaling, but our bodies actually produce hydrogen peroxide in small quantities for killing the bad guys, so it’s not a weird alien substance to us.

        Now if you’ve got the balls to try it out, then let me know how it goes, so I can tell my father’s friend if it works!
        But otherwise, rest assured you’ll be in my prayers.
        God bless you!

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  5. Was hoping you were quiet lately and enjoying Christmas season, hate to hear you haven’t been well. Take care of yourself.


  6. If you think you have something more severe than what the standard recommended supplements can handle, Rae/fiatluxgenesis posted on 1/4 that she used this service after testing positive. Sounds like she used Iver prescribed though it:
    “ Telemedicine. They’ll prescribe and send the medication.”

    If it’s what’s going around here, low fever at onset for about 2-3 days, aches, fatigue, a few more days, then the rest of the time stuffed nasal and some coughing. No raspy/crackling lungs here. Total time about 2 weeks but able to function pretty normally after first week.

    I offered this morning’s Rosary for you as well.


  7. I’m very sorry to hear that you are sick! I’m praying for you and adding you to my Rosary this a.m. I hope you are on the mend soon! Drink lots of fluids. It easy to get dehydrated with a high temp.


  8. Hi Michael,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re sick. Crackling lungs sounds like pneumonia to me. I think you ought to call a doctor to order a chest x-ray.

    I know that the hospitals are very dangerous right now. They will call it “covid” and slap you on a respirator and give you Remdesivir, which will kill you.

    Perhaps your doctor can meet you at a doctor’s office that has an X-ray machine. Or you can go to an urgent care center that has an X-ray machine.

    If it really is bacterial pneumonia, you might need antibiotics to save your life.

    My husband once was very ill, feverish, with crackling lungs. The doctor met us at the ER, read the x-ray, and ordered oral antibiotics. He said if I had waited one more day, my husband would have had to be admitted to get intravenous antibiotics. Because I brought him in early enough, he was able to take oral antibiotics and recovered.

    Praying you make a full recovery.

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  9. 🙏🙏🙏 for healing! Might be the flurona! Any other symptoms besides fever? I had a fever 101.8 for 4 days three weeks ago. Some swollen glands and a very light cough. I decided my body was working well and killing whatever I had w/ the fever.

    Hope you feel better soon…stay hydrated w/ electrolytes as a fever will really deplete you.

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    1. Muscle cramps, body aches, extreme irritability, very bad cough and shallow lungs that “crackle,” alternating between very hot and sweating and freezing so bad my teeth chatter.

      It’s been fun …. Ma ma ma my Flurona …


  10. Dang it Michael. I had a feeling that was the case. I’m sorry you were ill and glad you’re feeling better. I won’t recommend supplements .. you already know what to take. You take good care of yourself ..we need you. God Bless. 🌷

    P.S. Loved the Monty Python 🙂

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      1. 😳 Damn. Well whatever kind of flu it is .. Vitamin D3/Zinc/C/Quercetin are good basics. Take aspirin for fever, of course, and cold compress. I’m sure you know all this Michael. Try to rest. Let us know how you’re doing without fail

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      1. Niatonin protocol has helped me and several other direct contacts. So has IVM. Niatonin combines melatonin and the nictonic acid form of niacin. Can send protocols and papers on it if interested.


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