“Up 8.5%!” “Largest increase in “17” years!”

Pure bullshit. They’re basing their “large increase” by comparing it to the negative numbers that occurred last year when both the fearful faithless and the faithful preppers were conserving their coin, and waiting to see what happened next.

2020 was a phenomenally bad year. Claiming an improvement over 2020 numbers is so dishonest that it’s like …

Well, it’s like locking down the country, paying people to stay home, getting them laid off and/or creating incentive for them to quit by making it more profitable for them to stay home, then opening the country back up, ending the benefits so that people go and reclaim their jobs … and saying that those people returning to work is some sort of massive voodoo MAGA increase in jobs in the USA.

That’s what Trump did. It, too, was pure bullshit.

Let me be perfectly clear: it is all bullshit. They are all charlatans. They are currently, quite literally, earning the title: “snake oil salesman.”

Withdraw. Detach. Run to the spiritual hills. Retreat to your cave, your family, and the sacraments.

The Lord speaks in the quiet.

P.S. Dear Father, please have mercy on us by destroying us very soon. Human language is incapable of conveying the horror of this sufficiently (see below).

14 thoughts on “This is Stupid

  1. I’ve no adequate words for all this, but I believe this applies.”Man knoweth not his own end, but as fishes are taken with the hook, and as birds are caught with the snare, so men are taken in the evil time, when it shall suddenly come upon them.”
    Ecclesiastes 9:12

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  2. While this is horrifing in itself..if you go to stopthecrime.com and hear what is in store..we have a lot of work to do. They are already putting weapons in the street lights and putting in booths to stop our travel and planning on all of us going to fema camps..prayers folks, prayers..only God can stop this..on the up note…”Do not be afraid”. May God bless us all.

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    1. Yes, I’ve read much of that and watched some of her videos. Nevertheless, the state encouraging and facilitating suicide, which damns a soul for eternity, will always be more horrific than the state murdering us.


  3. What they will do to implement “The Georgia Stones & Agenda 21 Objectives of reducing the population to 500 million”. The NWO elite is trying to condition the masses to graciously accept pop control through legalized murder! Lord have mercy on these demonic elite, who have absolutely no respect for the value of human lives!

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      1. Just wait until euthanasia is deemed the best option to ensure “covid” isn’t spread to others (for the greater good, of course) . It’s all so horrifying and would be so much easier to just become a zombie like so many of our fellow citizens.

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