It was only a matter of time. I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did.

30 thoughts on “So long and thanks for all the fish …

  1. So glad to see your thoughts online again. I had notification set up and started to wonder why I hadn’t heard form my favorite Twitter pal. But it is nice to have everything all in one spot here on your blog. I am a regular reader now…=) — PS: this is ( and as a personal update…we escaped California 1 month ago – after considering it for 2-3 years – and moved to the midwest – thank God Almighty!)

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  2. Johnaaaah….Johnah of Ninevah…where are you? After that screed we just heard come out the man occupying the White House, I sure wish I could hear your response. But then again, I sort of already have heard it in all of your Tweets for about two years now. It’s just hard to see it starting to come to fruition. All reading this, pray and fast and work hard to stay focused on remaining in a state of Grace as they are going to test our limits seemingly now sooner some might have thought. Christus Vincet, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat!

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  3. I’m another (daily) reader of your tweets without a twitter account. Please keep blogging, you’ve helped me make a lot of sense out of these crazy times. I am sort of glad I no longer have a reason to go on twitter, though!

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  4. August of 2020 I was researching twitter on Smith Mundt act and your post was the first to pop up. I don’t have an account but I bookmarked you and read your posts daily. You were the first voice that helped me sort out the betrayal and horror I was witnessing but couldn’t put my finger on. I could never tell you thank you before so I am now. God has used you in my life and you didn’t even know it. God speed brother. If you ever get on Gab I’ll find you!

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  5. Hello! I am one of those people who checked in on your page without having an account on the regular. Thank you for being so willing to share the truth. I am praying for you! God bless you!

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  6. Michael, remember your anguished cries in early 2020, “Ordain me!” The cry was from the heart of one who knows the value of a priest. You wanted to fly to Italy and offer Extreme Unction to the dying. In that spirit, I beg prayers for a good and holy priest I thought I knew, who has abandoned his vocation. Oremus.
    P.S. All who read this, I beg prayers for this man.

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  7. Hey, who said you could just get suspended out of the blue like that? I didn’t vote for it! Hoping it’s just temporary my friend. Don’t be a stranger.
    I leave you with an old Irish blessing: May your chainsaws never get stuck, and may your dog never poop on your rug.
    – OBE

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  8. Bummer, but ultimately likely for the better. Some of us were developing an unhealthy addiction to those accounts. Just know that you are responsible for setting many folks on the right path. Admittedly, it will be difficult to do when isolated rather than being able to rally around your TL. I’ll keep this blog bookmarked. If you’re ever down the central IN way, try to do a shout out ahead of time. I’m sure there are a few of us here that would be interested to know. As a favorite tech blogger used to end each episode…let’s now go out there and do something analogue! Godspeed.

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  9. If this means you blog more, that’s a benefit in my mind. I don’t follow twitter and I have missed your input very much. I follow a handful of blogs and yours has been a great favorite.

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      1. Hello,
        You don’t know me at all. I do not even have a Twitter account.
        But I have been following your posts for almost 2 years.
        I was a lapsed Catholic for almost my whole adult life. However, in large part due to your insights, and quite frankly, Catholic education, I have returned to my Catholic faith. You helped me understand that the longing I had for the Church I knew as a child (I was born in the 60s) is still alive, but was unrecognizable to me due to Vatican II. I have now found a Traditional Catholic parish and I am in the process of cleaning up all my past “mistakes” (SINS) that narurally came about as a result of my falling away.
        I know from being a regular reader of your account that your desire is to save souls. I wanted you to know that you definitely steered me back in the right direction.
        I’m certain I am not the only one, though I am careful not to appeal to your pride. (I know you do not seek that).
        I’m hopeful that you can return to Twitter (or an alternate forum..all social media truly is the devil’s playground) as we are moving into ever more perilous times and we need a shepherd. At a minimum we need your gift of insight.
        Although I’m a stranger, I pray for all the best for you. I also pray for wherever you are lead in God’s service in the time that we have left.

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        1. What a wonderful story. It’s so generous of you to share that with me. Thank you very much.

          If God wants me back on Twitter, I’ll get back on, somehow. But, either way, that won’t happen until after a very healthy break.


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