I wouldn’t expect this to happen quite yet. He’ll have his puppet Bidenbot implement a lot more tyranny first.

They’re going to make it very difficult not to view his “come back” as a good thing for all of humanity.

You don’t get global coordination of every government, even fake enemies, to implement tyranny and lies – complete with identical marketing and timing – at the same time there is an evil, globalist, antiCatholic, False Prophet pretending to be pope, more than once.

The One World Government, the “Covenant With Many,” has obviously existed for some time, and was confirmed several years ago.

The One World Religion is under way.

Beware any human savior or solution. There are none.

6 thoughts on “They’re Going To Make You Beg For A Savior …

  1. When dark times come, Our Lord shines brighter.

    During the darkest of times, Our Lord will shine brighter than ever. Until the end, He chooses to do this through us, his angels, and Our Mother.

    It’s only a matter of time before the Holy Ghost and His Spouse throw their opening salvo.

    So, we wait and pray – perhaps with sadness, but not with fear – because the Queen of heaven will have her day, and like any mother, Her victory will be realized by watching her children succeed.


  2. Upon reading this again what I felt was fear and real sadness realizing how mamy people will believe the lie, relieved, thinking that finally they’re saved .. Now everything will “go back to normal” when, in reality, there never was a normal as perceived and never will be. Their savior will come promising normal while stealing their souls. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have Mercy on us.

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  3. Michael I’m hoping that you have somehow been able to store and save your beautiful threads. I referred to them often and learned so much from them.
    And now they’re gone .. 💔 Everyone misses you.

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  4. I was beginning to doubt him coming back. I haven’t seen much rhetoric from him lately but Brendon O’Connell who I trusted said a few shady things with a strange tone of voice. I fear he has flipped. Anyway, in his latest video in the comments he gave strange responses to a person asking why he is able to remain on you tube. Also, in same video he said on 3 or 4 months Rona will fade away and be no more. He repeated a few times. He said it will be replaced with the subject of what can we do with all the money saved since we aren’t in Afghanistan anymore which will discuss smart cities. I think he may be right. Whether from good perception or he has flipped and knows something, either way it sounded strange. He can be in a rant and without warning change his speech tone, etc.He also mentioned Trump quite a bit. Said he used to like him but now he thinks he is NWO etc. For me it makes sense because people trust Trump financially. They think he is a great smart money maker. We don’t want smart cities! But he will make it sound amazing and “huge”. The numbers being quoted from Bannon (Brendon played a clip on his video) that will be saved are astronomical.


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