Get used to Bergoglio pushing the MAGAVaxx. When he’s not pushing it openly, gaslighting you, or signaling his Satanic faggot minions to do the same, he’s meeting with the money changers, the money printers, and the Synagogue of Satan to whom they report.

This man who appears to be a bitter, disgruntled, idiotic, prideful, bumbling buffoon is the second-most powerful man in the world right now.

He is a calculated liar, a mocker of Our Lord Jesus Christ, he seethes with hatred for Our Lady, and he desperately fears a world that discovers that sacraments from men who are ordained by men episcopally consecrated according to the rite that Pope Pius XII infallibly defined … are supernaturally superior to the desolation he mandates.

And he really wants you to take the MAGAVaxx.

And he really wants you to think that he hates the “father of the Trumpcine.”

And he doesn’t mind if you see his evil one bit, because he hates Catholicism, he hates the papacy, and he hates Our Father, God Almighty. Consequently, he wants you to hate him, because that means he has been successful in getting you to hate that which he represents.

Seeing the genius of implanting Traveling Men into Trad Inc, yet? Do I need to point out that Taylor Marshall, Michael Matt, Steve Skojec, and all the other losers enjoying their shekels could find out that Bergoglio is a transgender Muslim and still insist that you call him “Holy Father?”

Some of you will think I’m nuts. I’ve been doing this since 2015. I’m used to it. I take no offense.

But know this, amongst those of you who think I’m crazy, the majority of you, if you have enough time, will begin to research Talmudic, Freemasonic, Egyptian, and Eastern occultism – and you’ll realize a common thread – they think the rebel is the savior. That Prometheus is God, while Our Father and King Jesus are tyrants. That Lucifer brings the light of knowledge, the “illumination,” while the tyrant Father wants to rule over us, enslave us, and keep us ignorant.

They literally worship Satan.

This man – who Taylor Marshall, Michael Matt, and Travelin Man Carlo Q-Anon Vigano – want you to call “Holy Father” is one of them.

And he will cause you to be in awe of the First Beast … primarily by being an openly obvious evil and odious man, so that you’re desperate for a savior who sounds like he’s at least a little bit sane.

Right hand or forehead.

6 months or 5 years – it makes no difference. The stage is set.

2 thoughts on “This Will Continue To Escalate

  1. Like 🌷
    Good post. Much information and lots to think about. A lot of it you’ve posted for us before and I’m going to take you up on the research you suggested. Prometheus? The fire god? I know I’ll have questions for you.
    Really good Michael .. a little frightening if one allows it to be. By the way, anyone who thinks you’re crazy is nuts. 😂

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