I’m running out of ways to imagine how Satan can invert reality and Truth any further.

6 thoughts on “It’s Bravery to Murder a Child for Moloch and Terrorism to Refuse to be Injected With Its DNA

  1. They don’t understand they are under a satanic hypnosis.

    For those who don’t know, this is how people like these women miss the forest for the trees, and I’m speaking from personal experience,.

    As a young and former leftist & proud atheist, baby murder was one thing I never thought about. Bar one time, in which I accepted it as ok if the mother was suicidal or would die from giving birth.
    That was my leftist ideology doing some mental gymnastics to stay on team good guy, the left.
    Otherwise you had to become what all of pop culture portrayed as the ‘lunatic right’, who we were programmed to believe to be more neanderthal than modern man.

    The first time I stepped out of the herd and thought for myself & reflected on baby murder, it took about 10 seconds to realise it is murder under any circumstance.
    But in order to do this, I first had to stop identifying as a leftist, who therefore could not be the good guys I’d been brain washed into believing.

    Now I am a Catholic man, and am not left nor right, which I realised is a false dichotomy, and a misrepresentation of who we are.
    Most of us without parental supervision on morals & beliefs get hypnotised and indoctrinated into this false belief system at public school & from watching tv.
    Even good Christians on the right, and this is why they still believe in their false god, Trumpus Injectus.

    Baby murder is in my opinion still the greatest evil on earth, and will still be whether they wipe out 7billion of us or not.

    For me, the worst thing in the last year has not been anything to do with this beast system, but finding out from Michael what the pill to stop women ovulating actually does.
    The eggs still get fertilised & travel to the womb, where they are aborted.

    The numbers of babies conceived & murdered in the last century can not be estimated. This horror is seemingly almost completely unknown.

    No time in history has such incomprehensible evil flourished like this.
    I’ve seen Novus Ordo Catholics commenting on social media saying things aren’t bad enough yet to be the apocalypse.
    They cannot be aware of the true scale of baby genocide our society has been committing. And all of it in sacrifice to moloch.

    Even now, the only justification I see for being on the streets protesting is for stopping baby murder.
    If anything, I am still not strong enough in my love of God, and if I do not change, I must answer on judgement day that I utterly failed in doing anything of use to stop this greatest evil.

    As an Irishman, I am inspired by the many stories from the US of Catholics and all Christians uniting to storm into the baby murder factories causing mayhem. You’ve had 5 decades organising, and we’ve only had 3 years here since it was legalised.

    On that day they voted for it in 2018, I never felt so dead in my life. A vacuum sucked my soul straight out, I was numb for months.
    The vote being rigged or not did not matter to me, the result mattered. Ireland died that day.

    Michael has also said to create a community of the like minded, which I agree with strongly. It’s so hard here. We finished top of a european poll at 70% identifying as leftist. It’s like a poll of how many people believe the news. Oh how deep we are fallen.

    Although they exist, I don’t know anyone near me who feels anything like this. If you asked me today, I would hunger strike to the death not for vainglory, but to stop baby murder.
    And only 40 years ago here, 12 prisoners did the same for freedom from tyranny, but now the tyranny comes from within.

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  2. It’s all Satanic, everything. We’re surrounded by dark forces, here and globally. We laugh at some of the comedic and ridiculous things world “leaders” do and say, the stupid vxx promotions .. but it’s not funny, of course, they’re dead serious. They want us gone, dead. Well, I’ll die before I’ll comply. That is a fact! We sure need you back here Michael.

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  3. That mindset is prevalent among so many ‘women’ (and men). It’s beyond my comprehension. I can’t wrap my brain around it. It is heartbreaking 💔. More than that, yes it is Satanic, not a doubt in my mind.

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