Fatima, and La Salette.

If you were to focus on Holy Scripture, Magisterial teaching before heaven’s orders were blatantly rejected in 1960, the messages of these two events, and the authentic explanations of the events, you’d have a fairly good idea of where we are in salvation history.

Our Lady of La Salette “It will be then that the Antichrist will be born … That time is not far away, twice 50 years will not go by.” September 19, 1846.

Sister Lucy: “It’s in the Gospel and in the Apocalypse, read them!” Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité notes in his 850-page work, The Third Secret, that Sr. Lucy particularly indicated that the Secret related to Chapters VIII through XIII of the Apocalypse.

Sadly, I have no idea whether Frère Michel reviewed information from the real Sr. Lucy, or from this one: https://7thhorn.com/2021/10/13/on-this-104th-anniversary/.

Such is the state of affairs in the world when the Apocalypse 2:9/3:9’s and their Freemasonic goy stooges have successfully captured the Vatican and the antipapacy so thoroughly that there is absolutely no doubt that Saint Maximilian Kolbe’s 1917 warning has come to fruition.

And, given that, with the utmost respect due to Our Lord and Lady’s warnings, do you really need them to see where we are at this point?

How many times do you think Our Lord will allow His Church to be aped?

How many generations do you think He’ll allow to be lead astray?

This may last (and have lasted) longer than any of us anticipated previously. That may still be difficult to accept. Nevertheless, it is still one period of Great Apostasy.

We’re not speculating on the human condition here. This is Our Lord’s Spotless Bride.

The JRR Tolkien “Great Monarch – everything is gonna get better for a century and then suck again” prophesy is an attempt to make Our Lord into some sort of fickle mercurial nonsensical Greek deity.

Furthermore, it’s even more dangerous than the “rapture” heresy, because it predisposes good Catholics to seek out a worldly savior. And … until they see such a man, they’ll never believe we are where we are – despite Our Lady’s warnings.

There is ONE Great Apostasy. One final revolt. This is biblical Dogma. Biblical Dogma trumps private revelation. Absolutely nukes it, if the two are inconsistent. Never, ever, can private revelation even look askance at biblical dogma.

To claim that this is all going to happen twice simply demonstrates that one does not know the God one seeks to represent. And, no, quoting saint’s random thoughts does not help. Saints are not infallible, especially when they’re chatting over coffee. Nor does quoting the Jewish astrologer and supposed “convert” Nostradamus, by the way.

Similarly don’t quote Our Lady of Fatima to support this notion, because anybody who attempts to twist her words into creating a narrative that invents a super happy fun time for a generation, only to then have everything suck again, do not know Our Lady.

First, She said “In the END my Immaculate Heart will Triumph.” Not in the end of your egocentric viewpoint. In the literal end.

Second, the “literal end” is the only interpretation that is theologically correct, and Mariologically reasonable. Why?

Ask yourself how the humble Theotokos triumphs. PLEASE?

How has she ever triumphed? What is the only thing she has ever allowed herself to be praised for? COME ON PEOPLE.

For bringing Our Lord into the world.

THAT is how her Immaculate Heart will triumph, yet again.

It just so happens that, in order to do that, the Father has foreordained that She, through you will first crush Satan’s head to prepare the way for Her Son to return.

Don’t diminish the triumph of the Immaculate Heart to a mere few years so that you can LARP about some nonsensical Tolkienesque “Return of the King” prophecy … please. (Sorry @corbsalleys – it’s not Tolkien’s fault. He was just that good :))

In the very least, please do not attempt that nonsense with me. This is a sincere request … because, at this point, odds are that I will have to confess my response to you.

Especially do not dare to use this false interpretation of prophecy to justify voting for your favorite Freemasonic despot, while falsely promoting the morally reprehensible braggart as a “hero.”

We are smack dab into Apocalypse Chapter 13. The fact that the globalists are intentionally trying to fake the Apocalypse does not mean that we aren’t in it. They just think they’re being clever in an attempt to fool and herd the sheep.

But we know something that they don’t.

This only happens once.

We’re in it, regardless of whether the globalists think they’re simply conducting a man-made trial run.

At some point, many of these people are going to wake up and realize that their “pretend” antichrist is the real deal, and that they’ve caught a tiger by the tail.

19 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know in 2 Words

  1. I don’t think your passion is a “flaw”. I’ve always thought it was your passion and your dedication to truth that made your thoughts so insightful.

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  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/ClassicalTheis/status/1449835786145312769

    I really don’t know enough of Classical Theist’s content to make a judgement on his character, but it seems to me that all Catholics have their own tunnel vision WRT what they consider the most important aspects of the Faith.

    I’m allergic to End Times posting myself. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a Evangelical-Dispensationalist church and school, but to me it reeks of pseudo-hope which in reality is despair. Even if you deny the Rapture (which I did), the End Times can be a coping mechanism for a failure to live the life you wanted. One can say “The world is going to the toilet but all I have to do is resist the Antichrist, get beheaded and everything’s cool.” Except one overestimates his faith (like Peter), underestimates the power of the Enemy, and doesn’t consider that this crisis may resolve without Christ’s return. I could be wrong though; the state of the Vatican always gives me pause.

    I did mention to CT the nature and magnitude of Bergoglio’s crimes as legitimate reason for why people think the Apocalypse is happening, though.

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    1. Ultimately, we’re all just giving our opinions. My biggest flaw is my passion, which can sometimes interfere with relationships with good folks who read my strong opinions.

      To be honest, while my opinion on this stuff hasn’t changed, I find that I care less and less about sharing those opinions the longer I’m off Twitter.

      At the end of the day, there is a contemplative nun or blue haired grandma somewhere who has absolutely no clue what is going on, but she is doing more good for the world in her daily prayer than anything I say ever will.


  3. There’s something of an irony, or perhaps divine retribution to the thought of a man made/ faked apocalypse suddenly becoming the real deal given the globalists and their fondness of drill events that suddenly go live

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  4. Hello Michael, God bless you dear brother in Christ. A question Michael if I may. Have you heard of or read the book The Final Hour by Michael Brown? Someone recommended, I’m not certain on this, wondered if you had any insight on the book. Thank you 🙏🦋

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    1. Harriette, I would urge you to avoid that book. I read it many years ago and although it includes approved Marian apparitions, it’s one of the reasons that I believed in the false apparitions in Medjugorje. Michael Brown is an avid promoter of Medj and other questionable prophecies with his website SpiritDaily.com.

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      1. Was just going to say that, although I haven’t read it, it was published in the 90s, and the description says he focuses on “private revelation” of the previous 10 years.

        That would definitely include the Medjugorje demon, which must be avoided at all costs.

        My broader view is that, after Our Lady was disobeyed in 1960, returning would send a conflicting message. Heaven doesn’t send conflicting messages.

        So, I now ignore anything after 1960 – though there are a couple I won’t outright reject.


  5. J. de Marchi “The true story of Fatima”;
    [two quotes]:
    After the careful questioning of Lucia, Dr. Formigao turned his attention to Jacinta
    in a separate interview [Oct. 13, 1917].
    “Apart from our Lady,” he asked her, “whom did you see today when you were in
    the Cova da Iria?”
    “I saw St. Joseph and the Holy Child.”
    “Where did you see them?”
    “I saw them near the sun.”
    “Was the Holy Child on the right or the left of St. Joseph? ”
    “On the right.”
    “Was he standing or being carried? ”
    “He was standing.’
    “Did you see St. Joseph’s right arm?”
    “How tall was the Child? Did His head come up to St. Joseph’s chest? ”
    “He didn’t reach St. Joseph’s waist.”
    “How old do you think the Child was?”
    “The age of Deolinda Neves.” ( A child of about two years.) [end of quotes]

    Aramaic Bible in Plain English [Rev. 12, 5a]:
    “And she delivered the Son, the Male….”
    On October 13, 1917 the Blessed Virgin appeared as a Woman clothed with the Sun (and therefore brighter than the Sun). On the other hand, this Holy Child is identical with the Man-Son appearing in the Apocalypse [12, 5].
    Aramaic Bible in Plain English:
    “And she delivered the Son, the Male …” He is the son of the Blessed Virgin (= the Church) and at the same time her man or spouse. Therefore, next to the Sun appeared a little Son (Holy Child) and a mature Male (Saint Joseph). This is the promised second Comforter or Paraclete. This is the deepest message of the Fatima apparitions.


  6. I am here to personally witness to the unspeakable power of the simple prayer to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and the green scapular. I’m not exaggerating, it was a deathbed conversion that could rival Mary Magdalen. Happened last week. Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us, now and at the hour of our death. Amen

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  7. The 3rd Secret of Fatima [https://www.traditioninaction.org/Questions/B352_Secret.html];
    a quote:
    “If 69 weeks after this order is announced, Rome continues its abomination, the city will be destroyed.”
    Sister Lucy wrote down this secret on April 1, 1944. It was the Saturday before Palm Sunday, so the first great week (or Holy Week) ended on April 9, 1944. The 69th great week passed on April 8, 2012. The 70th great week AD2013 was already celebrated by the non-Catholic Jorge Bergoglio – destroyer not only of the Roman Church but also of post-Christian societies.
    The 3rd secret of “the traditioninaction version” was first published on the internet in April 2010, when basically no one suspected that Benedict XVI would be removed from Saint Peter’s office.


  8. Thanks for the great post, Michael!

    I see it, due to worldwide child sacrifice rituals, there’s enough evil, there’s the 1WGov plandemic, the False Prophet doing his fraternal wizardry. Bergoglio = six hundred and sixty-six in ASCII code. News watchers and scientism believers are going along with the upside down due to the operation of error.

    I do have questions, but I’ll limit to the timespan calculation, and whether you know or not, it’d be nice to hear what you think, or anyone else who can correct any errors I make.

    I’ve seen you point out the False Prophet Bergoglio’s presence at the the Pagan ceremony at Ur in March came 1260 days after the Rev 12 celestial sign.
    Such an evil act alone is a sign, but for it to be 1260 days after the Rev 12 sign, just wow.

    I input 1260 days x 2 from Sept 23 2017 to arrive at Aug 17 2024, so this is the end of the tribulation?
    And, I’m unsure here, but the sun & moon will darken before this second 1260 days end?
    Regardless, I’ve still no reason to doubt everything can happen by Aug 17 2024.

    This timespan is from Daniel, with Leviticus providing source for the weeks to years.
    I also see in Daniel 12:4 that he was told to seal the book, even to the time appointed. I believe to prevent human wit from knowing without the spirit of God.

    Therefore ; must the 1260×2 start right on the Sept 23 2017 celestial sign?
    Or, could it begin a little afterwards without diminishing any of the signs? with Daniel 12:4 also still in effect?


    1. The 1,260 day timespan that I pointed out was merely coincidental, I think. The two periods of 3.5 years related to the AntiChrist, not the False Prophet. We really don’t have a timeline for the False Prophet.


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