How can we have a better contrast between the New Order religion and Catholicism than we have between Novus Ordo funerals and Catholic funerals?

You can cite examples of fags and pedos all day long, but that just tells me that perverts are recruiting each other, and that they’re not receiving supernatural grace from the “sacraments” that they think that they’re receiving.

Funerals are where it gets real – or at least it’s supposed to. Funerals are where we see a profound difference in doctrinal belief.

You all know that I’m a tough critic. Most of you also know that, despite my views on the current claimants to the papal throne, I’m a pretty big fan of my SSPX priest.

A couple months ago he reported that a young man he had taught all throughout high school had met a sudden death (electrocuted). He was visibly saddened.

He went on to explain that this young man (18-19 years old), along with his 10 (I think) siblings, woke daily at 5 a.m. and prayed the family rosary, along with a long list of other virtuous habits. The young man had served mass the day before.

Father also had the occasion to speak to some other young men who had gone camping with him the week before. He made inquiries. One friend he spoke with was rather candid about the off color joking and whatnot that was taking place, but said that the young man in question never took part, and would only talk about things he was excited about, like working with his father.

In other words, by all accounts, this was an extraordinary young man, who Our Lord sought to spare from the coming Tribulation – so He called him home early.

But Father begged us nevertheless to pray for the kid’s soul, because Father loves him, and because he is a shepherd.

So, we did. We prayed as a parish, and we donated privately to get him Gregorian Masses, ASAP.

Why pray for such a virtuous lad? Because we love each other, and because we don’t know.

That is Catholicism, and that is Catholic community responding out of love to tragedy, in accordance with Catholic belief.

It is what we have always done, because we love our dead.

Compare that with the Novus Ordo religion when you read Emily’s thread below. And, please pray for Delores – because her “priest” has neither the balls nor the compassion to encourage his flock to do so.

6 thoughts on “What Better Juxtaposition?

  1. Thanks for posting this… and most especially thank you for asking for prayers for my grandmother.

    (I’m so glad you’re on your blog… I do try to check in from time to time.)

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  2. Literally as I was just reading this, I was finishing up my black coffee (instant, blah) and small collation after praying the Rosary for a young, recently deceased father and his wife and children who are mourning his death. I continue to fast Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays of Ember Days. Fridays I always offer my fasts, in part, for the poor souls in purgatory. They need us, the Church Militant, to pray and fast for them regularly.

    In my ignorance, could you clarify the offering of the 30 Gregorian masses? Are they different than just a standard Tridentine mass?

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  3. Good reminder to pray for the deceased and to be ready to leave this world. I will pray for the two that you’ve mentioned and may we be found ready 🙏🏻

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